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MTG Autocard WP

From Roytang.Net

MTG Autocard for Wordpress*

What: Wordpress Plugin

Plugin Name: MTG Autocard for Wordpress

URI: http://www.roytang.net/wiki/index.php/MTG_Autocard_WP

Description: For Magic: The Gathering bloggers, a plugin that will automatically convert [CARD] and [DECK] tags to autocard links.

Author: Roy Tang

Version: 1.1

Author URI: http://roytang.net

Revision 12-Oct-2008 (v1.1): Changed the algorithm that splits the card list into columns; can now potentially split into more than two columns.

Revision 13-Apr-2008: Fixed a bug where two [CARD] tag pairs in the same line/paragraph won't be converted correctly.

Installation Notes

  • Extract autocard.php
  • Upload autocard.php into your wp-content/plugins folder
  • Activate the plugin in the Wordpress Admin interface

Usage Notes

  • When posting, use [CARD](cardname)[/CARD] to generate an autocard link to a single card.
  • When posting a decklist, use a format like
4 Cardname1
4 Cardname2

12 Cardname3
8 Cardname4

The above will generate a two-column table with autocard links. The program will try to break the list into two columns at the first header that exists after the midpoint.

  • To change the style of the decklist table, add a CSS definition for "autocard_table" in your style.css, for example:
.autocard_table {border: 1px red solid; background-color: yellow;}

Todo list

  • Create a settings page to allow the user to select the URL opened by the autocard links. (Currently always uses http://magiccards.info/autocard.php)
  • More options for formatting the autocard_table, i.e. more columns, etc.

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